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Ask Me About My Favorite Bergies Beans

By September 19, 2017coffee

Happy March the weather is certainly trying to make us believe its almost summer again! The good news is our garden is in full bloom and we have great shade on the patio for you to enjoy. No worries, our staff is always ready to serve you a great hot or cold drink depending on your mood or the weather.

To challenge our barista’s to be their best we are doing a March promotion with them to better educate our customers about our beans. You will see the staff wearing a t-shirt throughout the month that say “Ask me about my favorite Bergies beans” You can help us out by asking them this question. Their answer should not be “because it tastes good”. Of course this is a given, we love all of our beans. We love the opportunity to share our knowledge about the roasting process at Bergies and to educate you the customers about it too.
Since human nature seems to be to gravitate toward the same thing we would like to challenge you to branch out a bit and try something new. Of course we would love to sell you a pound but if you don’t want to make that commitment we always have half pounds and sampler sizes available.
A few suggestions if you would really like to treat yourself and you like something unique our Maui Mokka is a great choice.
This is a premium bean so it costs a little more but well worth it. It has very definite chocolate and tobacco notes that are
a treat to the taste buds! Also, for our cold brew lovers we are now selling our house blend cold brew beans for home preparation. Complete with simple instructions on how to prepare this favorite yourself.
In the shop we have updated our coffee display shelf for easier browsing and we are also working on new custom packaging that we hope will be on display very soon.
I certainly don’t want to leave out our tea drinkers. We are expecting a shipment any day of our great loose leafs that not only have our regular flavors but several new delicious teas made especially for the warmer time of year. Don’t forget we also sell our teas in tins for home consumption.
We hope to see you soon to pick up your beans and or your favorite drinks. Please take a few minutes to enjoy the garden and the wonderful life we enjoy in Gilbert, Arizona, and be sure to “Ask Me About My Favorite Bergies Beans”!
As always, we greatly appreciate your patronage, Linda

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