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Bergies Feature Coffee – Mocha Java

By September 19, 2017Uncategorized

Recently, Bergies has been bringing in limited-supply, exotic coffees. We’ve been roasting these specialty coffees ourselves and offering them to customers. One of our first coffees came from Maui and was a big hit. Now, we’re currently roasting Mocha Java, a popular high-end coffee blend.
Mocha Java is a blend of Yemen Mocha and Java (Indonesia). While Java is a more familiar region to coffee drinkers, there are many who do not realize Yemen is one of the original coffee producing countries. If fact, several coffee experts believe Yemen is the original home of coffee growing, pre-dating even Ethiopia. Moreover, coffees from Indonesia, such as Java, originally came from Yemen saplings.
By the way, Mokha (as it’s known in Yemen) is a port-city, located in the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula. It has nothing to do with a mocha, which is an espresso drink mixed with steamed milk and chocolate. However, many coffee drinkers believe Yemen Mocha does have chocolate undertones. Ultimately though, the name Mocha has nothing to do with its flavor. Here at Bergies, we believe the coffee has a spicy flavor with chocolate notes.
One of the aspects of Mocha Java which makes it unusual is the location of the growing region. Typically, an arid region this far north produces Robusta coffee (which isn’t as desirable). Instead, Yemen produces almost entirely better quality Arabica beans.
If you’re interested in trying this delicious coffee, we’re selling it by the half-pound. It’s a little pricier than our usual fare because of its rarity, but definitely worth it if you want to treat yourself over the holidays. But, you’ll need to hurry since we only have a limited supply.
Keep an eye out, because we’ll certainly be bringing in more exotic coffee beans in the future.

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