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Brian & Linda Travel to Africa – Part 1

By September 19, 2017Travel

This summer Brian and I had the privilege of traveling to the country of Tanzania in Africa. We went with Younglife Expeditions where we did a mission project in a Maasai community, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, went on safari and yes squeezed in a trip to a beautiful coffee plantation. One blog Is not enough space to share all of our incredible experiences we had in Africa, so over the next few posts I will share some highlights of each experience.
If you are a Bergies fresh roasted beans fan you may be aware that we have always carried a Tanzania Peaberry bean in our shop which has always been a customer favorite.

At the Arusha Coffee Lodge Plantation we were given a private tour of the grounds by our very informative guide Nassoro. We learned that even after 9 years at Bergies we still have things to learn!

If you are not familiar with the term “peaberry” it simply means the fruit of the coffee plant has produced only one seed in the cherry. Normally, the cherry has two seeds that generally make a flat side to the bean. A peaberry tends to be smaller and rounder than traditional beans. You be the judge to decide if you can detect a taste difference.

We tried to guess before opening the cherry which ones would be peaberries, Brian had more success than I did at picking the correct cherries while they were still on the bush that were peaberries! Apparently, only about 5% of the crop will be peaberries. These beans are then separated from the rest to be sold as peaberry coffee.

We also observed the crop being harvested by hand. These workers are almost exclusively women and are paid approximately .50 per kilo of beans harvested. An efficient worker could make about $5.00 per day in a country where the average wage is $2.00 a day. A few of the potential hazards at this plantation included the possibility of running into wild baboons and dik-diks (a small antelope).

After we completed walking the grounds and examining the plants we were treated to Nassaro roasting some beans for us and then he prepared us a delicious cup of Tanzania Peaberry right from the roaster. What a delicious treat.

In addition to being a working plantation, The Arusha Coffee Lodge is a full-service boutique hotel that offers a unique experience for any coffee lover. We did not stay at the lodge on this trip but we would love to return someday to stay as guests! What more could a coffee lover ask and you would be guaranteed a great cup every day!

If you enjoyed this recap stay tuned I will be posting in the next few weeks more about our wonderful experiences in Africa.
We appreciate you and your support of Bergies Coffee Roast House.
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