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Celebrate Constitution Week

By September 19, 2017Uncategorized

I read an inspiring column this morning by Dr.Ben Carson about
celebrating Constitution Day and It started me thinking about how does this apply to our little coffee shop here in Gilbert, Arizona. While thinking about the founding families of Gilbert and Forrest Clare who built this little “Bergies” house in 1919, I began to appreciate in a new way their courage. Those individuals who came before us with a passion and belief that they could better themselves if they just had the courage to try. Brian, Bruce and I had that same belief when we started this endeavor six years ago. Our founding fathers passed on the tools to pursue that belief in the form of our Constitution.
So many changes have taken place in our historic downtown and
Bergies in just the past 6 years. Can you imagine what Forrest Clare would say now if he could see his little house still standing 95 years later and being a community gathering place in “historic” downtown Gilbert.
This week the Town of Gilbert is joining with other communities around the nation to celebrate the document that truly makes us special. No matter where your political beliefs fall, we can all rally around the document that became part of the framework of our country that allows us to freely pursue our dreams.
Bergies is proud to continue to be a part of Gilbert’s celebration this week. You may not be aware that Bergies is an official clue destination spot in the Treasure Quest. This is only one part of many festivities that begin today and include a Constitution fair that features a concert by Lee Greenwood & the 350 Voice Millennial Choir. For more information on all activities be sure to check out constitutionweekusa.com.
In closing, please join me in taking a few minutes to reflect this week on what makes our country, our town and our community great. In my opinion it’s people like you who come to Bergies not just for a great drink but more importantly, to take time to connect with who and what is important in life.
Hope to see you this week testing your Constitutional knowledge by participating in the Treasure Quest.
We appreciate you,

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