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Giving Back Through Your Coffee Purchase

By September 19, 2017Uncategorized

A few years ago, Linda, Cristian and I had the opportunity to host members of the Ugandan Orphans Children’s Choir.

We were busy and grumpy about having to give up our weekend, but these kids needed a place to stay.  It was the Super Bowl weekend and  they were more interested in watching the Dennis the Menace movie with my wife than the game of the  year with me.

Needless to say it turned out to be a fabulous weekend and we were blessed by the experience. As a result, our family connected with Childcare Worldwide, an organization that empowers children in the developing world. Their mission is to feed and educate children in an effort to give them the tools they will need as adults to make their countries a better place.

This year Bergies has  jumped on board with this noble cause through coffee.  Uganda produces wonderful coffee so we have chosen to sell Uganda Bukonzo Select. This coffee is fair-trade organic (If you are not familiar with this term it means that workers are paid a fair wage for their coffee at the time of harvest).  This particular coffee is produced by 1200 members of the Bukonzo Tribe  on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountain. We have kept the roast light, and  I hope you will find it quite tasty.

All of the profits from the sale of these beans will be donated to help families provide a source of income and food for themselves.  We will be purchasing things such as a small business pushcart, a pack-o’-piglets or a gang of goats.  Not handouts but opportunities to grow a small business.  For additional information on this organization check out:


As always we so greatly appreciate all of you. If you haven’t seen our Christmas video please take a minute and check it out. We had a lot of fun making it and hope you enjoy watching it.

On behalf of the Bergies team, thank you,


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