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It’s All About The Bean

By September 19, 2017Uncategorized

Here at Bergies we take pride in our beans. Where they come from, how they are roasted and most importantly how they taste. If you haven’t noticed, we have started to bring in limited amounts of high-end premium beans for purchase.
we have beans from around the world
we have beans from around the world
Examples of these beans include Maui Moka, Hacienda Las Nubes from Puerto Rico and Mocha Java from Yemen.

Most of these beans come from small farms in unique micro-climates.
We are currently featuring Bali Blue Moon. This bean is organic and has a wonderful creamy flavor in your mouth. We still have a very small batch of this bean left, but no worries if you can’t make it in to try this one we will continue to offer these lesser known boutique types of beans as the response to them has been very positive. These beans are sold in 1/2 pound bags or in a pour-over or french press.
Additionally, many of you have been asking when is the Bolivia Caranavi coming back? Well the word from our importer is that it should in by the end of this next week. (Don’t hold your breath on the arrival date but we have a contract for 600 pounds) So when it does arrive we will have plenty!
Why the scarcity of this particular bean? Only a few bean producing countries have no port and Bolivia happens to be one of them. This results in longer shipping times. To make matters worse Colombia also snags many of these beans to help fulfill their production contracts. Yes it is true, it’s possible that some of that Colombian coffee your drinking from other places may contain beans from Boliva. This is just a fact in the coffee world. So hang tight, more options for great coffee from around the world will be here soon.
As always, a big thanks for your support of Bergies and commitment
to consuming fresh roasted, local coffee.
fresh & local
fresh & local

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