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Roast Your Own Coffee at Home

By September 19, 2017Uncategorized

Recently, Bergies started offering roasting classes for those coffee enthusiasts who want to brew the ultimate cup of coffee right in their own home. The class, which we’ve hosted three times already, has become one of our many popular offerings.
Home roasting coffee is the only true way to enjoy the freshest possible cup of coffee each and every day (unless you stop in at Bergies of course). What’s more, besides delicious coffee, you can also save lots of money by roasting at home. Green beans (pre-roasted) tend to be much cheaper to purchase than roasted beans.
Another nice thing about roasting coffee at home is the satisfaction of having done it yourself. Everyone enjoys the rewards of doing it yourself – there’s just a certain sense of accomplishment. And of course, everyone loves having extra cash in their pocket.
When you attend the class, you get a hot-air popper (used for roasting in small batches), a couple pounds of green beans for your own experimentation, and an hour and half of hands-on roasting practice. During the class, you’ll not only get advice from me, but you’ll also get to spend time with other home-roasting pioneers.
Keep an eye on our event page for the next time this class will be offered. Hope to see you there.
Roast on Arizona,

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