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Seasonal Lattes at Bergies

By September 19, 2017Uncategorized

My favorite time of year as a barista is approaching. Sweater weather or as Bruce, our master roaster puts it, sweeter weather! Even if our Arizona temperatures don’t show it, fall is around the corner. That means it’s time to start serving some of my personal coffee flavor favorites.
We are currently offering many popular seasonal favorites such as; pumpkin spice, gingerbread, toasted marshmallow and butter rum to name a few. If your feeling it’s still too warm for “Hot” coffee drinks these flavors can all be iced in lattes, mochas or iced coffee. If your not a coffee drinker, don’t forget these flavors in addition to spicy chocolate, peppermint and mint-white chocolate are great for hot chocolate drinks too! I hope I have inspired you to try something new and I look forward to making it for you very soon!
Don’t forget, ‘Peace, Love, Bergies’ from one of your favorite Bergies baristas,

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