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Beans The Cat

By November 22, 2017Just For Fun

Beans The Cat

A twist on the Bergies beans story, Beans the cat that is.

If you come in regularly you probably have spotted a small grey cat with green Eyes wandering our property or sitting with Lisa (her favorite person).  We are asked about her often so I thought I would share her story.

About a year and a half ago I went to our side yard to grab the rake and I met a small cat with 3 newborn kittens tucked in behind some tables.  My first thought, Oh no not again!  Yes, about a year prior we had the exact same experience with a different cat with 3 newborn kittens.  I guess our little house has just enough safe space to attract feral cats!

Fortunately, with that first cat & litter we found homes for the mama and kittens between family, employees and customers. This time though it was the height of kitten season and all the shelters were full and the answer was no each time we asked someone if they would like a kitten.  We even contemplated giving a pound of coffee free with each cat. For the time being they would have to call Bergies home.   After many attempts, some scratches and some embarrassing tries we were finally able to trap this bunch and take them all in to be spayed and have a health check.

Eventually we found a home for one kitten and then we had a family of three. They were cute to watch and the kittens became friendly enough to touch but they kept making a mess and mama was not keen on them permanently staying together.  Cat fights are not exactly part of the environment we were trying to create on our Bergies patio!  After a lot of searching Lisa found a home for the kittens and I believe this I part of the reason Lisa is Bean’s favorite human.

After some discussion and another cat starting to hang around, we decided that this cat should become a permanent fixture or we would be in an endless cycle of feral cat babies.  Well that was over a year ago and “Beans” has now become part of the Bergies team.  She welcomes the openers every morning at our gate and has even become bold enough to come to the back door and scratch or cry if we aren’t fast enough at getting her bowl filled with food.

To assure us that this is her home she occasionally brings us “presents” that we would prefer not to have but this is what cats do.  We now admit that most of us have become very fond of our mascot, Beans the cat. She adds another element that makes Bergies Coffee Roast House the unique experience it is.

We wish you a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Linda & the entire staff of Bergies Coffee Roast House

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