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It’s crazy to write these words knowing that each year passes by more quickly than the last. As I write this we are preparing to celebrate Bergies 9 year anniversary! The three of us agree, it hardly seems possible that it has been 9 years since we first opened our doors. For those of you who don’t know our story let me give you a recap.
Just over nine years ago the economy had taken a downturn and Brian had been laid off from an airline job and Bruce was a contractor. Brian’s supervisor at that job was a home roaster. He introduced Brian to coffee roasting (yes on a hot air popcorn popper). Brian and Bruce were both avid Coffee drinkers at the S word franchise, and I didn’t like coffee.
The experience of drinking fresh roasted coffee sparked a new passion for Brian and all of the elements of a bigger design came together.
Our little house that we had only previously rented to others suddenly was vacant. Brian was out of a job and the construction industry had a meltdown.  Boutique coffee roasting was starting to become more popular. So, on a whim, we discussed opening a coffee Roast House in our little cottage.
On naive faith, a shoestring budget and a crash course on the espresso machine we opened Bergies. After 3 grueling years of Brian and Bruce doing everything and me continuing to work at my job to pay the bills we were able to hire our first employee! We now felt like we were going to make it. About 5 years in, our neighborhood started to drastically change and all of a sudden our cozy downtown started getting quite a lot of attention and the rest is history. If you have been around since the beginning you may at times lament not having the same environment where you could come in and chat with Brian and Bruce sometimes for a long time uninterrupted!
At times, we miss those days too. Happily though the growth of our business has allowed us to have a staff of incredible individuals who represent our Bergies philosophy of not only providing a great drink in a unique Environment but more importantly experiencing something special while you are here. We are committed to keeping our hometown feel, no matter how much our historic district changes. Our priority is always about the people experience at Bergies with the bonus of quality small batch roasted coffee for our customers.
This Bergies experience has turned out to be so much bigger and better than we could ever have dreamed nine years ago. If you are in the area January 20th please stop in and celebrate with us and let us show our appreciation for all of you. It will be a day of music, food, fun and a time to say thank you we wouldn’t still be doing this if it wasn’t for the daily encouragement and support from our incredible customers, staff and neighbors. We also have an amazing behind the scene team that works our social media to perfection. We know a natural part of a successful business is change but rest assured we will always remain committed to provide an exceptional experience for our customers and friends whose support we so appreciate.
On behalf of Brian, myself and Bruce we say thank you with our deepest gratitude to everyone who has made this past nine years possible and we look forward to another amazing year. We appreciate the privilege of doing business in our town, Gilbert Arizona.

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