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Why Bergies cold brew?

By July 23, 2018coffee

In my opinion, there is nothing like it.  Our cold brew is crafted by steeping our fresh roasted beans in cold water for an extended length of time.  This process brings out the best character our beans have to offer. The result is an ultra-smooth, satisfyingly rich and complex cup of cold brew.

The long soak in cold water allows time to extract the unique elements of the beans.  The absence of heat does not allow the extraction of bitter oils or the oxidation of chemical compounds present in the beans.

This results in a pleasantly smooth, much less acidic cup of coffee.  In fact, cold brewed coffee produces up to 66% less acid than hot water methods of brewing.  If you are prone to stomach issues, the lower acid content of cold brew may be just the answer you’re looking for.  Give it a try. Your taste buds and your stomach will thank you. Here at Bergies we import only the best beans from small farms from around the world. Our beans are always the freshest you can find.

Our beans from Peru are light bodied and mildly acidic with subtle notes of vanilla and nuts. The Papua New Guinea beans we enjoy in a darker roast.  It has a heavier body and clean notes of cherries and chocolate that lend well to the cold brewing method. Our artisan roasters blend the two together to bring you a truly unique taste experience.

Come on in and enjoy Bergies cold brew over ice or in our special Nitro infused coffee drinks.  Add cream or flavor to your taste preferences. We also have growlers of Bergies cold brew concentrate to take with you anywhere and to enjoy anyway you like it. Look for my next post that will highlight recipes using our cold brew and coffee.  

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