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Ready to Party!

By January 10, 2019Uncategorized

If you haven’t seen our social media yet be sure to check out the details related to our upcoming anniversaries.  We are celebrating two big Bergies anniversaries.  Our business is now 10 years old and our house is an amazing 100 years old. Yes, that’s why when you stand at the cash register you may have the feeling you are standing in a dip!

It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since we opened and the incredible changes in our Heritage District since day one.  We weren’t sure we could make a living with this coffee thing, but we sure never could have imagined what our business transformed into over the past 10 years. We started as novice coffee roasters trying hard to learn and perfect this craft and along the way we began to understand the bigger picture of the amazing benefits of creating a community space that people would come to not only for  great coffee, but more importantly to provide a peaceful place to meet others, do a little business or just spend some quiet time enjoying the flowers and birds in our garden.

Folks laugh when they hear Brian learned to roast coffee on a popcorn popper  from his supervisor at the airport and that Brian and Bruce’s barista training was a crash course with a Starbucks employee for a few hours before our soft opening.

Our soft opening consisted of emailing our friends and asking them to stop by during a two-hour period on a Sunday afternoon for a free drink and having over 100 people show up (many unknown to us they just saw a line and jumped in).

Unfortunately, I can’t find the photos of Brian and Bruce with sweat pouring down their faces from working so hard for over three hours trying to keep up with the drinks. Needless to say the first few years were not busy like that.  Brian and Bruce did everything without help for the first couple of years working 7 days a week.

Over the course of time we started to get help from family members just to get the guys a much-needed break. Eventually we hired our first non- family member barista, Christina Jackson.

Since then our staff has become an integral part of the success of Bergies and we will always be indebted to the wonderful array of great barista’s that have been part of our team.

We also are amazed at how many customers we still have that remember those first days.  Sandy rode her bike in one day and several years later told me that she remembers thinking this place is kind of cute I sure hope they can stay in business. Ha, ha we were thinking the same thing!

Our garden has also transformed from just gravel and a few trees to the beautiful oasis it currently is.  This is thanks to our amazing gardner, Lori Rick. Who loves our space like her own.

One quick blog is not enough space to say thank you to everyone who has helped Bergies become what it is today.  We never could have foreseen the relationships That have been built at this amazing little cottage.

I have often pondered what Forrest Clare would have thought of his little homestead today.  Last week I had the opportunity to meet his granddaughter and 2 great-granddaughters who came in for a drink at Bergies.  What a treat to hear them tell stories of coming to this little house after school to visit with Granny and to learn unbeknownst to their parents, how to drink coffee from Granny Clare! Their parents wouldn’t allow coffee drinking because they were told it could stunt their growth.  I’m so happy that myth has been debunked! It was great to know drinking coffee was an important thing for Granny Clare to teach her grandchildren.

The Clare’s conveyed that they are so proud and happy to have Bergies in their special family homestead.  They also shared they have regretted releasing the property after seeing the transformation of the Heritage district. We can all relate to those regrets.

As we look to the future we can’t say thank you enough to all of you that have been part of making Bergies a success.  Even though the Heritage District will continue to grow and change the Bergies team will stay committed to our core values of serving a great product in the unique Bergies experience.  We are proud to be a part of the history and future of this exceptional Town.

Our sincerest thanks to all,

Linda, Brian & Bruce Bergeson

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  • Audrey Schrift says:

    Our family moved to Gilbert from Northern California in 2011, just 2 years after you opened. I remember that Liberty Market was about the only happening place in downtown. It’s unbelievable that despite seeing the sign and visiting downtown countless times, I never came into Bergie’s! Just yesterday, my high school senior daughter and I wanted to grab a quick bite and have a little mom-daughter time. We walked in and found this quaint, artful oasis – a patio off the busy street where the birds and trickling water beckoned us to come sit at a shady table and converse with the gnomes. It reminds me of the towns in Northern California with lush greenery, shade from the heat of the sun and artful garden statues.
    We loved it! We will be coming back regularly to hear music and sip coffee. Thank you for this gem in downtown Gilbert!

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