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Local Road Trip

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A few weeks ago Linda & I decided we needed to take a short road trip, a day trip actually. Everyone knows that downtown Gilbert is where our heart is but we had heard so many outstanding reviews about the Musical Instrument Museum better known as “MIM” that we had to check it out. It doesn’t hurt that MIM has an award winning restaurant Cafe` Allegro. FYI our road trips are usually about great food!
The museum is overwhelming, in a positive way. Make sure you have the better part of the day to soak up the experience. MIM displays more than 6,000 instruments from around the globe. Each guest is given a wireless headset to wear throughout the museum. As you walk you through you venture into different regions of the world. In each region you will move from country to country.

Throughout, you find hundreds of displays with instruments and artists. Each display has a flat screen with a wireless hot spot. As you approach the display you will hear music and see instruments being played. It’s amazing! I just can’t do it justice in writing about it, you need to see if for yourself. Check it out online at mim.org .
Also, not to be missed is the Cafe Allegro, serving great tasting
cuisine all made from scratch. They pride themselves on using local, fresh ingredients. One of their local products just happens to be Bergies coffee. Obviously, another reason I love this place.
MIM partnered with BonAppetit Management Co. to form Cafe Allegro and under the direction of executive chef, Chris Lenza they create dishes that are local, regional and global. We were fortunate to be able to sample most of the days offerings during our visit and they were not only delicious but beautifully presented by the terrific staff. A big thank you to all for the special attention to detail that made our visit even better.
So do yourself a favor, if you’re looking for a great day trip out of the heat and perfect for all ages, head to the MIM at 4725 E. Mayo Blvd in Phoenix for a wonderful day of music, art, history and of course great food.
As always we appreciate you, Brian

Field Trip Friday Gilbert

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In case you missed it local station News Channel 3 came to Gilbert last week as part of their summer field trip Fridays. Bergies had the wonderful opportunity to be their host for the four hour program. It was great to be a part of the show that highlighted some of what makes our Gilbert community special.

We were honored to have visits from our Mayor John Lewis, police and fire representatives, in addition to other city personnel who work hard for the benefit of our community. Not only were local attractions like our world renowned Riparian Preserve highlighted but we really got the chance to showcase many of the new and existing offerings right here in our historic downtown.

This area of Gilbert may be known for all of our amazing dining, (we have had 5 new eating establishments open in just the past year with more to come in the near future) but we have so much more than great food to offer. St Xavier University will have its grand opening on August 4th, a first for Gilbert in regard to degree level education.
We also have a state of the art photo lab and art studio, antique shops, and a one of a kind party supply/studio store right here in downtown. In addition, you can workout here (recommended after partaking in all of the good food) get a tattoo, get salon services or have your car worked on just to name a few activities outside of eating. Coming soon we will also welcome a new retail shop named “Rocket Fizz” that specializes in throwback candies and an unbelievable variety of soda pop.
As exciting as all the new change is we hope you don’t forget about what this district is really all about, our heritage. We have a fantastic opportunity to learn all about it right here by taking time to visit the Gilbert Historical Museum . If you haven’t yet checked it out you are missing out on a gem. The museum not only has great artifacts on display it has a knowledgable staff that provides great service and education. If your lucky, while you are there you may also be able to observe the quilters that meet regularly at the museum and witness an amazing art project in progress.
I believe the thing that makes our area of Gilbert truly special is our connection to the past. There is a walking tour of the historical buildings in our district with many of them marked with plaques that give a brief history of the building. Better yet most of these buildings owners are working the business’ and on any given day you might be able to catch them for a minute or two to share the history of their building. So I challenge you to look a little deeper next time your here so much can be learned from study of our past!

I hope to see you soon at Bergies to not only experience our great drinks and atmosphere, but to also appreciate whats great in our community. Thanks as always for your continued support we couldn’t stay here without you.

If you missed our clip on news channel 3 and you want to check it out here is the link

Coffee Supply Chain – From farm to your mouth

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As I sit on a quiet morning and enjoy a cup of Bergies fresh roasted coffee, I sometimes need to remind myself the long extensive journey these green coffee beans traveled to get to my cup. Years ago I wasn’t concerned at the least about where and how my coffee ended up in my presence, but now having been in the industry for some years I have learned that getting coffee is a huge and drawn out process.

This long extensive journey traveled is know as the Coffee Supply Chain. It all starts on a farm, usually in some third world country, along the equator between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. These farmers work hard to grow and pick the coffee from the trees. At this point in the supply chain the wages and the way of life are fairly primitive. The coffee beans then travel to a mill where they will be processed for export. Bean processing is usually done in two manners, dry process or wet process. From the mill the beans are transported to a port where they get ready to travel thousands of miles by sea. Export, insurance, and freight fees as well as inspections must all be taken care of by the coffee trader or importer before it can leave port.

Once the beans reach their destination, they must sit and await additional inspections as imports. After they’ve been cleared, the beans go to the trader or dealer who then transports the beans to your local roaster. Finally, the beans are roasted and consumed by happy coffee drinkers everywhere.
So the next time you’re sitting on your patio drinking a fresh cup of coffee, take a moment to appreciate all that has gone into getting that cup of coffee in your hands. A lot of hard labor and long distances have gone into the fresh roasted beans we have at Bergies.

News from Bergies

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As you know we just hosted the first pop-up restaurant in the Heritage District and it was an amazing event. Thirty-seven guests experienced a night of unique and memorable cuisine.
Each course was created using pork and coffee. I believe this event was the first of many more to come. We will keep you posted on the next event. We want to extend a special thanks to chefs W, Vanessa and Rachel for a job well done!

We are also now proud and excited to announce that Bergies Coffee will be the official coffee served at our soon to open St Xavier University located right here in our downtown. We look forward to growing our relationship with this community oriented institution. Classes will begin this fall and there will be opportunities to check out the new building soon.

This is our last month of live music on Friday’s and Saturdays due to the coming heat so if you haven’t been in yet for great music be sure to stop in before our summer music sabbatical begins.
Our music will be ending but we will begin our summer coffee classes in June. Be sure to check out one of our brewing or roasting classes. They are not only educational but a great way to meet some new coffee lover friends. We will be posting our schedule very soon.
Thank you again for all of your support.

Coffee & Swine?

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So we know you are a coffee fan if you follow us at Bergies and it seems apparent that there are many fans of our Historic District’s dining options. So here at Bergies we are offering something new that combines Bergies great coffee with 3 chefs awesome interpretation of food, with a one night Pop -Up Restaurant!

What is a pop-up restaurant you say? It is trained chefs (no not your favorite barista) preparing & serving a gourmet meal at a non restaurant location i.e. Bergies Coffee Roast House for one night only.
This is how it will work. We will close at 5:00 pm April 24th to regular business and then set up and re-open at 7:00 pm to serve you and your guests an amazing meal all centered around pork and coffee. We had a chance to sample the menu 2 weeks ago and all of us gave a unanimous 2 thumbs up.
The meal is 3 main courses with 2-3 plates served within these courses. Appetizers, main course, desserts and sides. I guarantee no one will leave hungry. These creations are courtesy of “Not Your Typical Caterring & Pistol Whipped Pastry”. Three chefs who were itching to stretch their creativity and culinary muscles and benefit a great cause.
In addition to fabulous food, Bergies will be set up like you haven’t seen it before, more formal, more lighting, more flowers and wine and beer and a limited bar will be available. Think all of those great coffee drinks that have a little extra something for after dinner! You also will be seated in prime real estate to observe all of the hustle and bustle that happens on Friday nights in downtown.

If this sounds like your idea of fun you must purchase tickets in advance, online and a portion of the proceeds from the night will benefit Square One, a non-profit focused on demonstrating that autism is not a limitation, Tickets are 65.00 pp and must be purchased at eventbrite.com/e/coffee-swine… Seating is limited to 50. I know you won’t be disappointed.
One last note, if you were not aware of it, April is Autism Awareness
month and Bergies is a big supporter of local artist Sam Irving
who also happens to have autism. If you can’t make it on Friday
the 24th then come by Saturday the 25th for a concert featuring
the Second Story Band and activities to raise awareness for
As always, we so appreciate your business and I look forward to
seeing you at one of these special events. We are proud to be” not your typical coffee shop” and a supporter of our community.

Roasted Coffee Bean Storage

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One question I often get from customers is how should roasted beans be stored? Should they be frozen? Should I grind them?
First and foremost, you don’t want to grind your beans until you’re ready to brew them. Freshly ground beans add about 30% more flavor to your cup of coffee. Freezing beans is also generally not a good idea as it may dry the beans out faster without adding real benefit. Also, you shouldn’t store beans in direct sunlight because it will lead to your beans become stale faster.
Here’s how we recommend roasted coffee beans should be stored…
First off, freshly roasted beans release CO2. That gas needs to be able to escape, especially for the first 24 hours after roasting. As such, we package our beans in resealable bags with a relief valve. These special valves allow the CO2 to emit from the bag without allowing oxygen to come in contact with the beans.
You see, oxygen is the number one factor in causing coffee beans to go stale. Basically, for fresh roasted coffee beans, oxygen is public enemy number one!
Once you get the beans home, you can certainly leave them in the resealable relief valve bag. However, airtight containers can also do the trick, as long as the CO2 has been allowed to release for 24 hours. Containers made of glass or ceramic are the most popular for coffee bean storage, plastic and metal can alter the flavor. Make sure you store them in a spot out of direct sunlight.
The bottom line is that coffee bean storage is just as important as how you roast it, grind it, and brew it. Following proper storage guidelines will help in maintaining the highest quality cup of coffee for you to enjoy. And just remember, minimize exposure to oxygen.

It’s All About The Bean

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Here at Bergies we take pride in our beans. Where they come from, how they are roasted and most importantly how they taste. If you haven’t noticed, we have started to bring in limited amounts of high-end premium beans for purchase.
we have beans from around the world
we have beans from around the world
Examples of these beans include Maui Moka, Hacienda Las Nubes from Puerto Rico and Mocha Java from Yemen.

Most of these beans come from small farms in unique micro-climates.
We are currently featuring Bali Blue Moon. This bean is organic and has a wonderful creamy flavor in your mouth. We still have a very small batch of this bean left, but no worries if you can’t make it in to try this one we will continue to offer these lesser known boutique types of beans as the response to them has been very positive. These beans are sold in 1/2 pound bags or in a pour-over or french press.
Additionally, many of you have been asking when is the Bolivia Caranavi coming back? Well the word from our importer is that it should in by the end of this next week. (Don’t hold your breath on the arrival date but we have a contract for 600 pounds) So when it does arrive we will have plenty!
Why the scarcity of this particular bean? Only a few bean producing countries have no port and Bolivia happens to be one of them. This results in longer shipping times. To make matters worse Colombia also snags many of these beans to help fulfill their production contracts. Yes it is true, it’s possible that some of that Colombian coffee your drinking from other places may contain beans from Boliva. This is just a fact in the coffee world. So hang tight, more options for great coffee from around the world will be here soon.
As always, a big thanks for your support of Bergies and commitment
to consuming fresh roasted, local coffee.
fresh & local
fresh & local

Go Slow

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I recently had the pleasure of traveling to the country of Belize with Brian and our newly married daughter and son-in-law. We spent most of our time on the tiny island of Caye Caulker, population approx 1,600 no paved roads, no cars, just bicycles and golf carts. What a change for all of us! The official motto was “GO SLOW”.
None of us seemed to have any problem adjusting to the island life as we spent our time doing water activities, eating, drinking coffee (of course) and most important spending time with each other and meeting new people from around the world. Now that we are back to our normal hustle and bustle schedule I find myself envious in many ways of the island life we experienced. I also realize it may not be realistic for most to have that type of experience but we all are capable of taking “go slow” moments in our life.
It is my hope that your time at Bergies can be a “go slow” moment right here in Gilbert. We work hard to create a beautiful garden for you to enjoy and I believe its a great place to take time for yourself or meet friends and associates that can give you that “escape” for a short time that our minds and bodies need. As I watched my daughter marry last month and prepare for my oldest son to do the same in June, I’m having that reality check that our lives fly by way to fast. While we can’t stop time we do control how we spend it. I have never met anyone who regretted slowing down for a period of time and enjoying most who and what you have been given in life.
Thank you again for your part in making our lives bigger and better by being part of the Bergies experience. I look forward to seeing you soon and be sure to share with me your “Go Slow” plans.

Brew Bergies Coffee at Home – Pour Over or French Press

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Here at Bergies, we like to take our fresh-roasted beans home to brew up when we’re not at work. Two of our favorite brewing methods are the pour over and the french press. Not only are these two of the most popular brewing methods, they’re also two of the best ways to enjoy a great cup of coffee. Both methods are superior to the standard drip coffee machine and are very convenient for making just one cup.
The main difference between the pour over and french press is the pour over uses a filter. Coffee filters were developed in Germany in the early 1900s and led to a cleaner and more efficient cup of coffee. Unlike an auto-drip machine, a pour over doesn’t use forced hot water. Instead, the coffee is entirely immersed in water and is slowly extracted through the filter. The result is a crisper, fuller cup of coffee with a smooth finish. Some common types of pour over devices are the v60 and Chemex.

The french press (or coffee plunger) was developed in France in the 1920s. The coffee grounds are immersed in boiling water in a carafe. After four minutes, the water and grounds are separated using a screened plunger. The result is a bold, rich cup of coffee. The french press comes in a variety of sizes. You can find a one-cup press to a full pot-sized press, and in a variety of materials (such as glass or metal).
To ensure the best cup of coffee, it’s best to grind your beans at home before brewing, preferably with a burr grinder. A french press uses the coarsest grind setting, while a pour over typically uses a medium grind. Regardless of which method you choose, have fun experimenting at home to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Thankful for the past year, Excited about 2015

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Here at Bergies we are excited about our upcoming events in early 2015. Kicking things off on February 7th is our 6th anniversary celebration. It will be an all day party with specials, a raffle, anniversary goodies and live music featuring CAVU. It is our way of saying THANKS to the most wonderful customers in the world!
The following Saturday February 14th (Valentines Day) has typically been one of the busiest days of the year in downtown Gilbert. The 3rd annual Gilbert Folk Festival returns with live music featuring over 70 acts on seven different stages around the downtown, including our Bergies stage. Music begins at 9 am and will continue until 4 pm. Its a great time to come down and enjoy the music, food and fantastic coffee in our historic district. In addition, at 6:00 pm that same day we will be having our first ever Jokerfest Comedy Improv night. We are very excited about this day and there is sure to be something for everyone so be sure to come by and check it out.
acousticGuitarWe still will continue to feature our local artists on Fridays and Saturdays and we also are the venue for “Gilbert Schools Rock”. This event is Saturday February 28th, 1-4 pm and will be showcasing Gilbert youth rock bands. This is a fundraising event for The Gilbert Education Foundation. Mayor John Lewis and Town Manager, Patrick Banger in partnership with Rock-N-Roll High School will be presenting this one-of-a-kind competition. Be sure not to miss this event. These are just some of the exciting things we are kicking off the new year with to give you another excuse to check out Bergies and our downtown.
Finally, as we look back on 2014 our entire Bergies staff want to say thank you again to all of our loyal customers, followers and friends that have contributed to our most successful year to date. We are incredibly grateful to all of you who were part of us winning 3 distinguished awards this year. Best of Gilbert East Valley Tribune, Best of the Valley readers choice, Phoenix Magazine, and Best of Our Valley, Arizona Foothills. A special thanks to our social media gurus at Deep Space Marketing for keeping us out there! We look forward to an awesome 2015 as its already starting out with a bang thanks to you.
Thanks for loving Bergies
Thanks for loving Bergies