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Ready to Party!

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If you haven’t seen our social media yet be sure to check out the details related to our upcoming anniversaries.  We are celebrating two big Bergies anniversaries.  Our business is now 10 years old and our house is an amazing 100 years old. Yes, that’s why when you stand at the cash register you may have the feeling you are standing in a dip!

It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since we opened and the incredible changes in our Heritage District since day one.  We weren’t sure we could make a living with this coffee thing, but we sure never could have imagined what our business transformed into over the past 10 years. We started as novice coffee roasters trying hard to learn and perfect this craft and along the way we began to understand the bigger picture of the amazing benefits of creating a community space that people would come to not only for  great coffee, but more importantly to provide a peaceful place to meet others, do a little business or just spend some quiet time enjoying the flowers and birds in our garden.

Folks laugh when they hear Brian learned to roast coffee on a popcorn popper  from his supervisor at the airport and that Brian and Bruce’s barista training was a crash course with a Starbucks employee for a few hours before our soft opening.

Our soft opening consisted of emailing our friends and asking them to stop by during a two-hour period on a Sunday afternoon for a free drink and having over 100 people show up (many unknown to us they just saw a line and jumped in).

Unfortunately, I can’t find the photos of Brian and Bruce with sweat pouring down their faces from working so hard for over three hours trying to keep up with the drinks. Needless to say the first few years were not busy like that.  Brian and Bruce did everything without help for the first couple of years working 7 days a week.

Over the course of time we started to get help from family members just to get the guys a much-needed break. Eventually we hired our first non- family member barista, Christina Jackson.

Since then our staff has become an integral part of the success of Bergies and we will always be indebted to the wonderful array of great barista’s that have been part of our team.

We also are amazed at how many customers we still have that remember those first days.  Sandy rode her bike in one day and several years later told me that she remembers thinking this place is kind of cute I sure hope they can stay in business. Ha, ha we were thinking the same thing!

Our garden has also transformed from just gravel and a few trees to the beautiful oasis it currently is.  This is thanks to our amazing gardner, Lori Rick. Who loves our space like her own.

One quick blog is not enough space to say thank you to everyone who has helped Bergies become what it is today.  We never could have foreseen the relationships That have been built at this amazing little cottage.

I have often pondered what Forrest Clare would have thought of his little homestead today.  Last week I had the opportunity to meet his granddaughter and 2 great-granddaughters who came in for a drink at Bergies.  What a treat to hear them tell stories of coming to this little house after school to visit with Granny and to learn unbeknownst to their parents, how to drink coffee from Granny Clare! Their parents wouldn’t allow coffee drinking because they were told it could stunt their growth.  I’m so happy that myth has been debunked! It was great to know drinking coffee was an important thing for Granny Clare to teach her grandchildren.

The Clare’s conveyed that they are so proud and happy to have Bergies in their special family homestead.  They also shared they have regretted releasing the property after seeing the transformation of the Heritage district. We can all relate to those regrets.

As we look to the future we can’t say thank you enough to all of you that have been part of making Bergies a success.  Even though the Heritage District will continue to grow and change the Bergies team will stay committed to our core values of serving a great product in the unique Bergies experience.  We are proud to be a part of the history and future of this exceptional Town.

Our sincerest thanks to all,

Linda, Brian & Bruce Bergeson

Gilbert Days Parade 2018

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Yee Ha!

Horses, marching bands, kids and coffee, what do these things have in common?  The Gilbert Days Parade of course!

This iconic event will be held next Saturday, November 17th, 2018 at 8:30 am and will travel South on Gilbert Road and pass right in front of our own Bergies Coffee Roast House.  For the past 9 years Bergies has offered one of the best seats in town to watch the parade while enjoying a great drink and a delicious pastry.

This event has been taking place for over 60 years. The parade is only one of several events scheduled this next week, including a rodeo and a half marathon. These events are promoting community in addition to celebrating our heritage and unique community.

The parade is truly a throwback to a form of entertainment that doesn’t involve a computer, or cell phone.  It’s a chance to bring young and old together to laugh at the clowns, run for candy thrown from the floats or just cheer on your favorite marching band or dance troupe in the parade.

In addition, to the parade a half marathon will also be happening in the lane next to the parade. Be sure to give those tired runners some encouragement also.

I so appreciate that the Town of Gilbert continues to keep our parade a priority.  As part of the ever- changing Heritage District it is refreshing to have an event that provides more family friendly entertainment.

If you would like more specific details on times and road closures be sure to check out this link https://www.gilbertaz.gov/Home/Components/News/News/2775/17

We will have no live music on this day.

One last note, I want to thank our amazing customers for their patience and loyalty during the continued construction zone surrounding our business.  We know how frustrating it is to find parking and our quiet garden many times is filled with construction noise.

Many things continue to change around us but be assured Bergies is committed to continue with the priorities that make your visit not just about a great drink but about the your entire experience.


We are so thankful for this community and the opportunity to serve you.

Happy Gilbert Days!


Bergies Coffee Roast House

Why does our Wi Fi suck?

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We have gotten feedback from some customers that our Wi Fi is to slow but I want to let you know the reason behind it isn’t about being cheap but is related to our overall philosophy of what we want the Bergies experience to be. It’s not just about a great drink but creating a unique environment to enjoy that drink.

We live in an environment of faster, faster, faster in all areas of life and especially related to our technology.  I find myself frustrated quite often when my technology doesn’t go as fast as I think it should. I need to remind myself often of the big take away I learned from my journey up Mount Kilimanjaro last summer.

The mantra of the entire hike was pole, pole which in Swahili means slowly, slowly. Our guides conveyed to us a daunting journey to over 19,000 feet will not be successful for the average person unless you move slowly.  This became overwhelmingly apparent as the trip progressed. I have also learned this also applies to our everyday life journey.

When I asked one of the older African leaders of our group why we didn’t experience some of the amazing experiences the African leaders of our team had  in their journeys his answer was “your American, you never take time to slow down and listen”  This was a profound revelation for me as I thought about my life and the faster, faster mentality that I myself had adopted over the years. I think often, how did I get this old and where did the time go? Could I have enjoyed life more if I wasn’t always in such a hurry?

Technology has given us instant gratification in most areas of our lives but ultimately it seems only to provide fleeting happiness in our society. I’m old enough to remember life without cell phones and the internet and amazingly we survived growing up without these conveniences.

What does all of this have to do with our little coffee shop in downtown Gilbert you may be thinking?  Well its related to an environment that we have chosen to create.  We have tried to create an opportunity to slow down, get away from the technology part of life and have conversation, meditation or just a place to enjoy a drink and watch the world go by! Please never expect to see televisions in our shop! There is so much more to be enjoyed in life by taking time each day to turn away from the technology and reflect on the life and people right in front of us.

Now more than ever I appreciate the opportunity to build community over coffee and reflect on what binds us together not what makes us different.

All of us at Bergies appreciate the privilege of serving each customer and we strive to make your day better by stopping by regardless if the visit is for several minutes or several hours.  We want your day to be better because you made the effort to choose us!

My challenge for you is to take a few minutes today to turn off technology and listen.  It may be to listen to your partner, a child, God, a friend, or nature.   Everything has a message to share when we take the time to “listen”.

In addition to pole, pole our African friends taught us pamoja, pamoja which means together, together which is the way Brian and I successfully climbed to the rooftop of Africa last summer.

Our Bergies team looks forward each day to working pamoja, pamoja with you to celebrate our unique community with the bonus of great coffee!

As always grateful for your patronage.


Bergies Coffee Roast House

Why Bergies cold brew?

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In my opinion, there is nothing like it.  Our cold brew is crafted by steeping our fresh roasted beans in cold water for an extended length of time.  This process brings out the best character our beans have to offer. The result is an ultra-smooth, satisfyingly rich and complex cup of cold brew.

The long soak in cold water allows time to extract the unique elements of the beans.  The absence of heat does not allow the extraction of bitter oils or the oxidation of chemical compounds present in the beans.

This results in a pleasantly smooth, much less acidic cup of coffee.  In fact, cold brewed coffee produces up to 66% less acid than hot water methods of brewing.  If you are prone to stomach issues, the lower acid content of cold brew may be just the answer you’re looking for.  Give it a try. Your taste buds and your stomach will thank you. Here at Bergies we import only the best beans from small farms from around the world. Our beans are always the freshest you can find.

Our beans from Peru are light bodied and mildly acidic with subtle notes of vanilla and nuts. The Papua New Guinea beans we enjoy in a darker roast.  It has a heavier body and clean notes of cherries and chocolate that lend well to the cold brewing method. Our artisan roasters blend the two together to bring you a truly unique taste experience.

Come on in and enjoy Bergies cold brew over ice or in our special Nitro infused coffee drinks.  Add cream or flavor to your taste preferences. We also have growlers of Bergies cold brew concentrate to take with you anywhere and to enjoy anyway you like it. Look for my next post that will highlight recipes using our cold brew and coffee.  

Hope to see you soon


Summer Classes @ Bergies!

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Summer Classes at Bergies Gilbert

It’s hard to believe that we are only a few weeks away from the official beginning of summer! Even though we all know living in Arizona means it feels like summer right now.

Since the last time I have blogged so much has changed in our Heritage District and here at Bergies.  We continue to welcome more new neighbors to our District and at times the construction zones seem never ending.

With change comes new opportunities and yes challenges.  One of the challenges we continue to face is parking issues.  We do have good news for our grab and go customers. We now have four short term designated parking spaces in front of Bergies.

Additionally, we are working on creative ideas for our beans customers to have an easier time picking up the roasted beans they love without having to drive around endlessly looking for parking.  Stay tuned, we hope to announce several options for easy pickup in the very near future.


We are also announcing new summer hours beginning June 1st.  Since our live music stops in the evenings after Memorial Day we will be closing at 6:00 pm on Friday and Saturday nights.  Don’t despair though we have a full schedule of morning music scheduled every Saturday and Sunday morning, featuring both new and familiar Bergies musicians.

More good news! We have seven great classes on the June schedule. With Coffee education and crafting classes being offered we have something for everyone.  Two of the classes will be taught by our coffee masters, Brian and Bruce. In addition, Jeannette and Jazlen will be leading some fun crafts for all ages.  Be sure to check out our events schedule and sign up as space is limited in all classes.

If you’re not sure about our classes look for someone who has attended in the past and their sure to tell you how much fun and educational these classes can be.

Our classes also provide the opportunity to connect with the community and possibly make some new great friends. This community building is what Bergies is all about.

Finally, June is the month to celebrate our dads and Bergies is all in.  Look for a special treat and drink for Father’s Day. In addition, in June each time you purchase a cold brew growler you will be entered in a drawing to win a gift set for Dad for Father’s Day.  The set includes one of our artisan cold brew concentrate growlers, a grilling set and a custom Bergies coffee rub for your amazing dad.

Not familiar with our concentrate growler? Next time you are the shop   be sure to ask one of our barista’s all the great ways to use this cold brew concentrate or sign up for Jeannette’s class to taste her amazing cold brew desserts.

We look forward to seeing you soon and don’t forget that coffee or cold brew before you head out on that vacation.  We don’t want you to have to settle for bad coffee while you are away!

As always, we appreciate you.


Bergies Coffee Roast House

Happy 2018!!

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It’s crazy to write these words knowing that each year passes by more quickly than the last. As I write this we are preparing to celebrate Bergies 9 year anniversary! The three of us agree, it hardly seems possible that it has been 9 years since we first opened our doors. For those of you who don’t know our story let me give you a recap.
Just over nine years ago the economy had taken a downturn and Brian had been laid off from an airline job and Bruce was a contractor. Brian’s supervisor at that job was a home roaster. He introduced Brian to coffee roasting (yes on a hot air popcorn popper). Brian and Bruce were both avid Coffee drinkers at the S word franchise, and I didn’t like coffee.
The experience of drinking fresh roasted coffee sparked a new passion for Brian and all of the elements of a bigger design came together.
Our little house that we had only previously rented to others suddenly was vacant. Brian was out of a job and the construction industry had a meltdown.  Boutique coffee roasting was starting to become more popular. So, on a whim, we discussed opening a coffee Roast House in our little cottage.
On naive faith, a shoestring budget and a crash course on the espresso machine we opened Bergies. After 3 grueling years of Brian and Bruce doing everything and me continuing to work at my job to pay the bills we were able to hire our first employee! We now felt like we were going to make it. About 5 years in, our neighborhood started to drastically change and all of a sudden our cozy downtown started getting quite a lot of attention and the rest is history. If you have been around since the beginning you may at times lament not having the same environment where you could come in and chat with Brian and Bruce sometimes for a long time uninterrupted!
At times, we miss those days too. Happily though the growth of our business has allowed us to have a staff of incredible individuals who represent our Bergies philosophy of not only providing a great drink in a unique Environment but more importantly experiencing something special while you are here. We are committed to keeping our hometown feel, no matter how much our historic district changes. Our priority is always about the people experience at Bergies with the bonus of quality small batch roasted coffee for our customers.
This Bergies experience has turned out to be so much bigger and better than we could ever have dreamed nine years ago. If you are in the area January 20th please stop in and celebrate with us and let us show our appreciation for all of you. It will be a day of music, food, fun and a time to say thank you we wouldn’t still be doing this if it wasn’t for the daily encouragement and support from our incredible customers, staff and neighbors. We also have an amazing behind the scene team that works our social media to perfection. We know a natural part of a successful business is change but rest assured we will always remain committed to provide an exceptional experience for our customers and friends whose support we so appreciate.
On behalf of Brian, myself and Bruce we say thank you with our deepest gratitude to everyone who has made this past nine years possible and we look forward to another amazing year. We appreciate the privilege of doing business in our town, Gilbert Arizona.

Beans The Cat

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Beans The Cat

A twist on the Bergies beans story, Beans the cat that is.

If you come in regularly you probably have spotted a small grey cat with green Eyes wandering our property or sitting with Lisa (her favorite person).  We are asked about her often so I thought I would share her story.

About a year and a half ago I went to our side yard to grab the rake and I met a small cat with 3 newborn kittens tucked in behind some tables.  My first thought, Oh no not again!  Yes, about a year prior we had the exact same experience with a different cat with 3 newborn kittens.  I guess our little house has just enough safe space to attract feral cats!

Fortunately, with that first cat & litter we found homes for the mama and kittens between family, employees and customers. This time though it was the height of kitten season and all the shelters were full and the answer was no each time we asked someone if they would like a kitten.  We even contemplated giving a pound of coffee free with each cat. For the time being they would have to call Bergies home.   After many attempts, some scratches and some embarrassing tries we were finally able to trap this bunch and take them all in to be spayed and have a health check.

Eventually we found a home for one kitten and then we had a family of three. They were cute to watch and the kittens became friendly enough to touch but they kept making a mess and mama was not keen on them permanently staying together.  Cat fights are not exactly part of the environment we were trying to create on our Bergies patio!  After a lot of searching Lisa found a home for the kittens and I believe this I part of the reason Lisa is Bean’s favorite human.

After some discussion and another cat starting to hang around, we decided that this cat should become a permanent fixture or we would be in an endless cycle of feral cat babies.  Well that was over a year ago and “Beans” has now become part of the Bergies team.  She welcomes the openers every morning at our gate and has even become bold enough to come to the back door and scratch or cry if we aren’t fast enough at getting her bowl filled with food.

To assure us that this is her home she occasionally brings us “presents” that we would prefer not to have but this is what cats do.  We now admit that most of us have become very fond of our mascot, Beans the cat. She adds another element that makes Bergies Coffee Roast House the unique experience it is.

We wish you a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Linda & the entire staff of Bergies Coffee Roast House

Brian & Linda Travel to Africa – Part 3

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Brian & Linda Travel to Africa – Part 3

The Rooftop of Africa

The final leg of our adventure involved a week long hike to the summit of the tallest mountain in Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro, elevation 19,341 feet.  This mountain is also referred to as the roof top of Africa as it is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. This means it is not part of a mountain range.

Even though Brian and I feel like we had prepared physically for our trip the big unknown factor was the elevation.  We never could have imagined what was ahead or that this would be the hardest physical challenge that we had ever experienced. We began our trek with 23 members of our Young Life group and 52 porters/guides whose job was to get us to the summit.  Each of us was allowed a bag of gear that could not exceed 40 pounds which a porter would carry for us.  We then carried a day pack with snacks, water and extra clothes.  After this experience I now look at these men as real life super heroes.  They worked tirelessly each day to make sure our needs were met and that we were successful.   They carried not only our personal bags but also packed in the items necessary for food prep, and camping including our bathrooms.  The first day a porter passed us not only with a large bundle balanced on his head plus his entire body was covered with the bread and eggs that would be used for our breakfasts.

Our team started out enthusiastically but very quickly the elevation and dehydration began to take its toll.  We had a guide that paced us and we soon learned, this needed to be marathon pace not a sprint.   The route we followed began in the rain forest and as each day passed the trees thinned and the boulders size grew. To have the highest chance of success the plan involves climbing to a high altitude then dropping lower to camp each night to help with the acclimation.  We were told to drink, drink and drink some more. This created some challenges as there aren’t many bathroom structures along the way (and the ones that are there are not appealing).   We grew closer as a team each day as we observed many of our teammates suffering the effects of high altitude climbing.  We came upon one young member of the group delirious on the side of the path. The porters were amazing in dealing with these issues and our health and safety were their number one priority. Happily, our young team member recovered fully the next day.

Each day even though the landscape became more barren the views became more amazing. Each day took us higher above the clouds but one night the clouds cleared and we were able to see the lights of Arusha far into the distance.  Awe inspiring to say the least.

We all concentrated on our accent during the venture but nothing prepared us for the challenge of summit day or the descent!  We began our summit attempt at 1:00 AM. Summit temps were 10 degrees with 40 mph winds.  We had to wear 4-5 layers of clothes which made our mobility restricted.

Approximately 5 ½ hours later and some tough trekking we reached the summit just as the sun was rising.  Miraculously our entire team of 23 made the summit.  Now the real work began. We had begun the day at 16,100 feet, reached the summit of 19,341, returned to base camp for a 2 hour nap and then hit the descent trail  for 6 ½ miles straight down a 9,400 foot descent in about 5 hours. Needless to say,  our feet and toes took the worst of it.  We fell into camp that night utterly exhausted but so excited that we had accomplished this feat.  The next day was the final leg down where at the bottom we were greeted by locals who washed our shoes for $2.00.  We would have paid a lot more for a foot massage.

We ended our stay in Tanzania with a 3 day safari with a whole lot more creature comforts than we had over the previous two weeks and boy were we thankful.  If you have ever dreamed of going on safari don’t give up on that dream.  The experience exceeded our expectations.

My purpose in sharing all of our experiences in Africa not just the coffee part is to encourage you to go after the dreams you have.  We stepped out of our comfort zone big time on this trip and the rewards were unimaginable.  At Bergies we encourage our staff to reach for their dreams because we only have one life and it is our choice to live an ordinary life or to go for the extraordinary!  We made lifetime memories to share and I would love to hear about your dreams and goals for the future.  My new motto is LIVE BOLD NOT OLD what is yours?


Happy Adventuring,


Bergies Coffee Roast House

Brian & Linda Travel to Africa – Part 2

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Brian & Linda Travel to Africa – Part 2


When we arrived in Arusha, Tanzania we gathered with a group from the U.S. that we had never met and who predominantly came from the East Coast and South. We all gathered for the purpose of being part of Young life Expeditions Africa. Little did we know at that first meeting we were about to have an experience that would change us forever and bind us to new communities in The states and Tanzania forever.

Our purpose at this point was to partner with local Tanzania Younglife staff to do a community work project in a school located in the village of Landanai. This area has a large population of Massai.  We were taken on a six hour drive in a great vehicle named Christina to a remote area. We were privileged to camp in a Massai compound.

Our host was Gideon who was the eldest son of the chief’s 28 children. It was a shock to observe this village still living in the traditional ways of their ancestors. No running water, no electricity, traditional dress and mud hut homes.  In addition the tribe still adheres to ancient customs. These included killing a goat in front of us that was served for dinner that night. Despite our extreme differences we were welcomed with amazing hospitality.

Our arrival was the buzz of the community and all came out to observe these strangers from a distance land. As in most cultures the children were the first to come close and check us out. We could tell by their faces that most had never seen folks that looked like us before.  They were fascinated to stroke our skin and hair and check out our jewelry. It wasn’t long until they were hand clapping with our team. It was a humbling feeling to have children fighting to be next to you or simply hold your hand.

Our time at the school was an eye opening awareness of all that we take for granted at home. In the days that we worked on replacing a classroom floor we learned that the school had 800 children with 5 teachers. This meant that most classrooms had no teacher only an assignment on the board. The children were self supervised until we walked in then pandemonium usually erupted. In addition, only 1/3 of the children could afford the $2.00 per month cost of school lunch. So lunch consisted of 2/3 of the children watching the 1/3 eat lunch. Most students walk miles to school each day and generally eat only one meal a day at dinner.  Needless to say it was heartbreaking to see for us but the children just accepted it as their reality.

Our work project involved 2 days of back breaking work, as all steps were done the “old fashioned way” by hand. This including tearing out the existing broken concrete floor, breaking large rocks with sledgehammers, hand mixing and pouring the new concrete and passing them along bucket brigade style. During this the children were eager to help. It was amazing as we mingled and played with these children the awareness of no matter where we have traveled in the world we have more the similarities than differences.

These children also loved to have their pictures taken. They knew the English word picture and they immediately learned how to “swipe”. Many would scream when they saw themselves for the first time. I’ve never had so much pleasure from  just taking a photo. The love and appreciation we experienced in this school will stay with us forever.

The hardest part for us to process was that most of the Massai children that we were camping with do not attend this school. They instead had work responsibilities at home that were a priority. The men, and boys herd and farm daily while the women and girls take care of the needs of the home.  Most girls in the tribe are married around the age of 12. We befriended Gideon’s oldest son who is 8 and watched him herding his goats. Needless to say, you don’t want to be around this firecracker when he is wielding his whip on his herd!

We happened to also have visited at a very special celebration time for this village. It was circumcision time which only happens every seven years. This is a two day celebration with traditional dance involved. Fortunately we did not witness the procedure only the pleasure of seeing the dances. I kept asking Brian is this National Geographic?  It was surreal and beautiful to be welcomed in this manner.

I have so many more amazing stories and thoughts about our time with the Massai to share but am limited by space. If you would like to hear more stop me in the shop and I can fill you in on more. My take away from this experience was the power and importance of a community.

The way of life we experienced would not be possible without everyone working together in the family and community to make survival possible. As I reflect on our country and our Gilbert community I have a new view on the measurement of the success in our lives.  Success comes from being rooted in human relationships.

Our families, schools, church’s, teams etc are the building blocks for successful communities. Technology is an amazing gift of convenience for us in so many areas but we should never let it be a substitute for the real gift of human interaction.

Our goal at Bergies continues to be a place to nurture relationships over great coffee in a peaceful environment.  We are proud to be part of this Gilbert community and I encourage you today to take a few moments and nurture a relationship in your life. We would be honored if it includes some time at Bergies.


So thankful for our Bergies team and customer family!

Stay tuned for part 3 climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.