Custom Roasted In Small Batches

The wonderful coffee aroma at Bergies frequently leads to questions about our roasting process. Bergies specializes in custom roasting and blending of coffee beans. Understanding that beans are a crop, and crops constantly change due to varying conditions, Bergies works with several different importers to ensure that they import only the best beans available from Central America, South America, Africa, and Indonesia.

The raw “green” beans are roasted in small batches to ensure quality control of the characteristics and flavor of each batch. The depth of the roast depends upon the temperature of the bean.

Every batch is carefully monitored, logging the bean temperature, until the desired roast is achieved. One of the Bergeson brothers personally “cups” each recipe to ensure the quality and taste.

But that’s only a part of what Bergies does to ensure a great product. Freshness of the roasted bean is equally as important for a great cup of coffee. That’s why the roasted beans at Bergies are never more than 14 days old, and this is what sets Bergies apart from the large, corporate roasters.

Bruce and Brian Bergeson of Bergies take pride in their coffee. But don’t just take our word for it. Stop by and taste a cup or pick up a bag to take home. We’re sure you will agree!